Tungsten Tubes

Tungsten Tubes

Made from high purity tungsten, tungsten tube is widely used in the thermocouple protection tube, sapphire crystal furnace and high temperature furnace, etc.

1. Tungsten tube is of fairly high purity above 99.95%;
2. Its density is above 18.2g/cm3;
3. The recommended working temperature should be below 2500℃;
4. The blackness of tungsten tube at 2027℃ is 0.2965;
5. Its thermal expansion coefficient at 1600℃ is 4.98x10-6;
6. The specific heat capacity at 1400℃ is 0.16J/g.℃.
7. It causes low pollution.

Parameters of Tungsten Tubes:
1. The diameter of tungsten tube ranges from Φ100 to Φ500. Its tolerance and ellipse is within 0.5mm;
2. Single maximum height of tungsten tube can be reach 800mm. Tubes can joint together to meet the specific needs;
3. The roughness of surface finish is Ra1.6mm.

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver pure tungsten tubes in plywood cases by ocean shipping or air transportation.

1. Due to the heavy and fragile properties, tungsten tubes should be lifted slowly and steadily by high strength hoisting soft belt;
2. The relative humidity of the working environment should be no more than 60%; otherwise tungsten tubes are easily catch oxidation;
3. During the installation, the support structure and foundation of tungsten tubes should be level and firm at both normal and high temperature to ensure a steady working environment.

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