Tungsten Bars

Tungsten bars with impurities are used to procedure bulb filaments or electron tube filaments, which are guaranteed to have remarkable resistance to high temperature for making special steel, tungsten wire and electric contact point. They are also applied in crankshaft, cylinder burdening and electrodes for advanced automobiles. Besides, the bars are also produced as components for manufacturing of guns, artillery, rockets, satellites, aircrafts and ships;

Tungsten bar has excellent properties including good electrical conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and high corrosion resistance, etc. All unalloyed tungsten bar is produced by powder-metallurgy methods. Comparing with molybdenum bar, tungsten bar has higher strength at temperatures above 2,000°F. The elastic modulus of tungsten is about 25% higher than that of molybdenum. What's more, the density of tungsten bar is almost twice as much as that of molybdenum bar.

Parameters of Tungsten Bar:
1. Our fine-grained tungsten bars are normally manufactured in sizes of (12×12×300) mm3 or (14×14×460)mm3;
2. We also can provide tungsten alloy bars according to the customer drawing.

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver tungsten bars in plywood cases by ocean shipping or air transportation.

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