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Doped Tungsten

Doped Tungsten

Doped tungsten, also known as non-sag tungsten, is a remarkable kind of dispersion strengthened material. The term non-sag refers to the resistance against deformation or sagging under its own weight at working temperature. Silicon, aluminum and potassium salts are commonly adopted as the tungsten doping agents by industries in order to better the high temperature performance of doped tungsten.

1. Doped tungsten is suitable for making coiled filaments;
2. It can be used for producing supports in all incandescent, infrared, and high-temperature halogen lamps;
3. It is also used for producing electronic tube and heater applications as well as electric-furnace elements.

Production Process:
Adopting wet method or spray method, the production processes of doped tungsten are as follows:
1. Compound a certain amount of doping agent such as K2SiO2、KCl、Al(NO3)3 with tungsten oxide;
2. Conduct hydrogen reduction process to get the tungsten powder containing aluminum, silicon, potassium oxide;
3. Conduct another round of hydrogen reduction, compacting and sintering processes on tungsten compounds to get the high dense doped tungsten.

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver doped tungsten in plywood cases by ocean shipping or air transportation.

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