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Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes

Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes

Containing minimum 97.30% tungsten and 1.80% to 2.20% cerium, ceriated tungsten electrode is an environmental electrode without any radioactivity. It has better performance of DC welding under low amperage and therefore widely welcomed by customers. Cerium tungsten electrode could easily operate arcing process and undertake pilot arc with very low amperage. The performance of ceriated tungsten electrode is outstanding in pipe and slight parts welding, intermittent welding as well as specified welding. However, using ceriated electrodes at higher amperages is not recommended.

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver ceriated tungsten electrodes by ocean shipping or air transportation. We can provide several packaging as following pictures:

Parameter of Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes:

Designation Oxide Additive Impurities Content (%) Tungsten Content (%) Color Sign
Category Content (%)
WC20 CeO2 1.8~2.2 <0.20 Balance Grey

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