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Pure Tungsten, Yttriated Tungsten and Composite Electrodes

Pure Tungsten, Yttriated Tungsten and Composite Electrodes

Pure tungsten electrode, yttriated tungsten electrode and composite electrode (rare earth tungsten electrode) are made from tungsten, yttrium and rare earth oxides in appropriate proportion.
1. Pure tungsten electrode is the least expensive one of all tungsten electrodes. However, with a fairly high purity above 99.5%, it has the highest consumption rate among all these electrodes;
2. Yttriated tungsten electrode has good properties in welding, such as narrow arc beam, high compressing strength as well as highest welding penetration at medium and high current;
3. Containing unspecified additives of rare earth oxides or hybrid combinations of different oxides, composite electrode (rare earth tungsten electrode) has perfect performance in welding. Thanks to the mutual complementary effect, desired results of rare earth tungsten electrode include stable arc in both AC and DC processes, greater longevity than thoriated tungsten electrode as well as wider specific welding applications.

1. Pure tungsten electrode is generally used for AC welding of aluminum and magnesium alloys;
2. Yttriated tungsten electrode is primarily used in military and aviation industries;
3. Composite Electrode has better performance and wider applications than those of other two in welding.

Parameters of Pure Tungsten,Yttriated Tungsten and Composite Electrode:

Type of Electrode Designation Oxide Additive Impurities Content (%) Tungsten Content (%) Color Sign
Category Content (%)
Pure Tungsten WP -- -- <0.20 Balance Green
Yttriated Tungsten WY20 Y2O3 1.8~2.2 <0.20 Balance Blue
Composite -- -- 1.5~3.0 <0.20 Balance --

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver pure tungsten electrodes, yttriated tungsten electrodes and composite electrodes by ocean shipping or air transportation. We can provide several packaging as following pictures:

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