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Seed Crystal Holders

Due to the high temperature resistance, low pollution and other good characteristics, seed crystal holders are mainly used as instruments for processing hot zone components in the sapphire growth furnace. According to different materials, we manufacture tungsten seed holders and molybdenum holders in high quality.

1. Both tungsten seed holder and molybdenum seed holder are of high purity above 99.95%;
2. The density of the tungsten seed holder can reach 19.2g/cm3; while molybdenum seed holder 10.2g/cm3;
3. The melting points of tungsten and molybdenum seed holders are 3420℃ and 2620℃ respectively;
4. Their thermal expansion coefficients at 3420℃ are 4.98x10-6 and 6x10-6 respectively;
5. Their recrystallization temperatures are 1350℃ and 1050℃ respectively;
6. We can provide molybdenum seed holders with the diameter between 10mm to 100mm, and the length between 100mm to 1000mm;
7. We also can produce molybdenum seed holders for crystal growth furnace according to the customer drawing;
8. We manufacture seed crystal holders according to customer's specifications and drawings.

1. The relative humidity of the working environment should be no more than 60%, otherwise seeder holder can easily get oxidized;
2. After first usage, both tungsten and molybdenum seed holders recrystallize and become brittle. Special care should be taken to avoid fracture during crystal growth;
3. If better performance requires, we recommend customers to use ceriated tungsten seed holder.

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver seed crystal holders in plywood cases by ocean shipping or air transportation.

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