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Tungsten Sliver Alloy

Tungsten Sliver Alloy

Tungsten silver alloy is one of numerous metal alloys manufactured by LTWM. We can provide them with silver composition occupying 30% to 70%. Generally speaking, they're immediately available in most volumes according to the customer drawing.

1. Manufactured by processes of pressing, sintering and infiltrating under very strict conditions, tungsten sliver alloy is a refractory metal material with superior arc and wear resistance as well as good electrical and thermal conductivity;
2. Its manufacturing method is the same to that of tungsten copper alloy. Comparing with the latter one, tungsten sliver alloy has better ductility, better inoxidizability, lower strength and hardness;
3. However, its cost is much higher than that of tungsten copper alloy.

1. Tungsten sliver alloy has similar applications with tungsten copper alloy. It used to be adopted as a solid rocket nozzle throat liner;
2. Concerning electric switch applications, tungsten silver alloy is preferential used in the lower voltage circuit breakers, automatic switches and contactors, which requiring better oxidation resistance, better conductive and thermal conductivity, smaller sizes of contact and frequent open and close operation occasion.

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver tungsten silver alloys in plywood cases by ocean shipping or air transportation.

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