Tungsten Heater

Tungsten Heater

Tungsten heater made of tungsten wire, is the heat source of sapphire crystal growth furnace. With high melting point and high corrosion resistance, it plays a crucial role to sapphire crystal quality control, energy saving and product service life. What's more, it can be applied in high-temperature vacuum metallizing applications, such as aluminizing scope, chrome scope, mirrors, plastics and heater elements for decoration articles.

Features of Tungsten heater:
1. The purity of tungsten heater is more than or equals to 99.95%;
2. It is of high density above 19.1g/cm3;
3. It has a very high melting point and can be applied in the high temperature within 2500℃;
4. Its thermal expansion coefficient at 1600℃ is 4.98x10-6;
5. The vapor pressure at 2100℃ of tungsten heater is about10-6 Pa;
6. Its recrystallization temperature is about 1350℃
7. The electrical resistivities at different temperatures(Ω.mm2/m):

Temperature (℃) 0 1000 1500 1800 1900 2000 2100 2200
Electrical Resistivity 0.05 0.326 0.486 0.594 0.630 0.671 0.716 0.761

Parameters of Tungsten Heater:

Diameter (mm) Diameter Tolerance (mm)
Forged Surface Polished Surface
3-10 0.1 0.05

1. The surface conditions of tungsten heater can be divided into forged surface and polished surface. Tungsten heater with polished surface has better diameter homogeneity than that of previous one, which makes the electrical resistivity more uniform in the length direction;
2. The bending radius and shape of the tungsten rods could be accurately manufactured according to the customers' drawings and specifications.

1. As a fragile instrument, tungsten heater should be handled gently with special care;
2. The relative humidity of the working environment should be no more than 60%, otherwise heaters can easily get oxidized;
2. After first usage, tungsten heaters recrystallize and become brittle. Much attention should be paid to avoid fracture;
3. We recommend customers to use ceriated tungsten heater or lanthanated tungsten heater to achieve better performance and longer service life.

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver seed crystal holders in plywood cases by ocean shipping or air transportation.

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