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Tungsten Heavy Alloys

Tungsten Heavy Alloys

Tungsten heavy alloys, also known as high density tungsten base alloys, are materials composing of 85% to 99% amount of tungsten and low amounts of chemical elements, such as Mo, Ni, Fe Ni, Co, Cu and Cr. LTWM provides two series of tungsten heavy alloys, including magnetic W-Ni-Fe and nonmagnetic W-Ni-Cu. By adopting isostatic pressing and forming technology as well as extrusion and injection molding technology, we produce all types and specifications of tungsten heavy alloys in high quality, high accuracy and moderate price.

1. Tungsten heavy alloys can be used as protection shields for nuclear radiation, such as PET syringe shield, vial shield, isotope container, FDG container and multi leaf collimator;
2. They are also produced for making balancing weights, such as tungsten sinker bar, crank camshafts, racing weights as well as vibration damping and dynamic balancing weights, etc;
3. Tungsten heavy alloys can be adopted as a substitutional material for Uranium;
4. High density tungsten base alloys are also used for producing electroheat upsetting anvil block, high voltage electrical contact and electrodes for resistance welding;

1. All of our tungsten heavy alloys are with high density, good machinability and good mechanical properties. Their densities can be reach as high as 16.8g/cc to 18.8g/cc.
2. They also have excellent properties of high modulus of elasticity as well as high absorption capacity against χ-rays and γ-rays. Its absorption capacity is 30% to 40% higher than that of lead;
3. Tungsten heavy alloys are harmless to the health and environment;
4. High density tungsten base alloys are strictly made in accordance with the standard of ASTM B 777-07.

Parameters of Tungsten Heavy Alloys:

Class Nominal Tungsten Density Hardness Tensile Strength Elongation
Weight (%) g/cm3 Rockwell C MPa %
1 90 16.85~17.25 24~32 700~1200(600~800) 20~33(4~8)
2 92.5 17.15~17.85 25~30 700~1400(500~600) 15~25(3~5)
3 95 17.75~18.35 25~35 700~1200 8~15
4 97 18.25~18.85 30~35 600~1000 8~14
Note: The data in brackets apply to non-magnetic nickel-copper tungsten heavy alloy.

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver tungsten heavy alloys in plywood cases by ocean shipping or air transportation.

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