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Tungsten Collimator

Tungsten Collimator

Tungsten collimator is a device that narrows a beam of particles or waves. It belongs to input and output element of optical fiber communicaiton devices. It can be adopted as linear accelerator and cyclotron in medical treatment. Tungsten collimator has a simple structure, through which the fiber radiate light can be converted into parallel light (gaussian beam). So its main fuction is to efficiently maximize the light coupling into the device.Though a big parameter insertion loss may happen during this process, LTWM has minimize the value under 0.15db. In addition to the standard parameters, our company can manufacture tungsten collimators according to the customer drawings.

Advantages of Tungsten Collimator:
1. Tungsten collimator are one of the most effective devices for reducing the radiation levels on a job site;
2. It also increases the quality of radiography shots by reducing the scattering radiation around  the film;
3. Tungsten collimator can provide a safer operating conditions for radiographers;
4. Tungsten is a more effective shielding material than lead. It is an easy handle, non-licensed and very effective shielding material;
5. Tungsten collimator does not spark, which makes it a ideal material for plant operations.

Packing and Shipping:
We deliver tungsten collimators in plywood cases by ocean shipping or air transportation.

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